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Darke County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

What is Darke County Arrest Records?

Arrest Records in Darke are documents detailing criminal history records of individuals within the County. Information on arrest reports includes:

  • Personal details of the suspect like fingerprints, photographs, criminal charges, race, and identification marks.
  • Details of arrest like search warrants, mug shots, and investigation files.

Employees make use of the information on this record for background checks. Arrest records are formed when an arrest is made either through a warrant or crime witnessed by a law enforcement agency. The documents are stored at the federal level, state, and County.

Crime Statistics

The Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services provides annual crime statistics in all counties of the state. Darke County crime statistics for 2017 shows a total number of 327 crimes reported, including 48 violent crimes and 279 property crimes. Violent crimes reported include no murder case, 13 rapes, seven robberies, and 28 aggravated assaults. Property crimes reported include 39 burglaries, 219 larcenies, 21 motor vehicle thefts, and nine arsons.

What are Darke County Criminal Records?

Darke county criminal record is the public document created after an individual is convicted. Details found in these documents include arrest reports and location, warrants, police reports, convictions, incarcerations, and probation records. Like every other state in the US, Ohio has a central repository that maintains the criminal record in its 86 counties. Located within the Office of Ohio’s Attorney General, the BCI&I (Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification) stores these records but restricts access to it. Alternatively, interested parties can get criminal history records at the Sheriff’s Office or from the Clerk of Courts.

How Do I Get Darke County Criminal Records?

Criminal history records are obtainable at the Darke County Sheriff’s Office. The office provides useful information on incident reports provided the requester has some background details about the incident. Arrest reports and other files related to criminal records can be found at any police department in the county.

Police Departments in Darke County, Ohio
Ansonia Police Department
202 North Main Street
Ansonia, OH

Arcanum Police Department
104 West South Street
Arcanum, OH

Bradford Police Department
115 North Miami Avenue
Bradford, OH

Greenville Police Department
122 West Main Street
Greenville, OH

New Madison Police Department
124 Harrison Street
New Madison, OH

Union City Police Department
401 East Elm Street
Union City, OH

Versailles Police Department
6 South Center Street
Versailles, OH

The statewide criminal history search is available at the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification in Ohio. Members of the public have a right to obtain these documents provided they meet the requirements of the state agency.

To get the computerized criminal record from BCI&I, applicants must submit some information about the record together with a $22 processing fee. The information should include personal details, fingerprints, and the approved signature of the individual whose record is requested. The processing fee, which can be in the form of a business check, electronic payment, or money order, should be payable to the ’Treasurer of State of Ohio.’

Electronic submission should be sent to any of the BCI locations below:

London BCI
1560 State Route 56 SW
London, Ohio 43140

Bowling Green BCI
750 North College Drive
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

Richfield BCI
4055 Highlander Parkway
Richfield, Ohio 44286

Youngstown BCI
20 W. Federal Street
Youngstown, Ohio 44503

Where Can I Find Darke County Sex Offender Information?

Sex offender record in Darke County is readily available online via the website of the county sheriff. The sheriff is in charge of registering these sex offenders while the Office of Ohio Attorney General maintains the statewide registry known as eSORN (electronic sex offender registration network).

How Do I Visit an Inmate in Darke County Jail?

The Jail Division in Darke County is a section controlled by the County Sheriff. The Correctional facility is located at:

Darke County Jail
5185 County home rd.
Greenville, Ohio 45331

Before visiting any inmates, visitors should call the County Jail line on (937) 548-2020 to know if their name is on the inmate’s approved list. It is important to bring a state-issued or any other valid ID to the facility. Also, visitors are expected to read all the visitation rules and schedules to make their visits productive.

Where and How to Find Darke County Inmate Information

The Darke County Sheriff is responsible for updating the jail roster, which contains all information concerning inmates within the County. At the state level, The Ohio Department of Correction also provides an alternative inmate database for statewide inmate searches. Both resources, at the County and state level, provide information on former or current inmates.

What are Darke County Court Records?

Court Records are documents, files, and transcripts of everything that occurs during a legal process. The court generates them from when a litigant files a case to when a judge delivers a verdict as well as when a litigant files an appeal. In line with the Ohio Open Record law passed in 1954, court records in Darke County are available to any member of the public. Interested persons can use the Records Search option on the webpage of the County’s Probate Juvenile court to find any court records.

Due to the availability of the records, it is advisable to check different sources to be certain that the document is free from error. However, the best method is to visit the court in person to obtain valid information. The Ohio Supreme Court offers online access to court records at the state level.

Location of All Courts in Darke County

Like every other County in Ohio, Darke County is divided into three main parts: the Courts of Common Pleas and Municipal and Mayor’s Courts. Listed below is the crucial information of all the courthouses in Darke County.

Darke County Court of Common Pleas
504 S Broadway, 2nd Floor,
Greenville, OH 45331
Phone: (937) 547-7325
Fax: (937) 547-7323

Darke County Probate/Juvenile Court
300 Garst Ave,
Greenville, OH 45331
Phone: (937) 547-7350 (Juvenile)
Fax: (937) 547-1945 (Juvenile/Probate)
Phone: (937) 547-7345 (Probate)

Darke County Municipal Court
504 S Broadway, Suite 7,
Greenville, OH 45331
Phone: (937) 547-7340
Fax: (937) 547-7378

Bradford Mayor’s Court
115 N Miami Ave,
Bradford, OH 45308
Phone: (937) 448-2718

Union City Mayor’s Court
419 E Elm St,
Union City, OH 45390
Phone: (937) 968-6664 ext. 5
Fax: (937) 968-7821

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What are Darke County Vital Records?

Darke County’s vital records provide details on birth, death, divorce, and marriage events that happened in the County. These records comprise confidential information and hence, are given to individuals that meet the requirements of the agency in charge of the record. Consequently, interested parties must apply to the approved caretakers before they can obtain the records. While the Darke County Health District handles birth and death records in the County, marriage licenses are created by the Probate Juvenile court. The Ohio Department of Health is in charge of all vital records in the state.

Where and How to Get Darke County Divorce Records

Divorce records are processed at the Clerk of Courts’ office in Darke County. Residents requesting these records would be expected to include details such as the petition date, the record file number, and the spouses’ names. Completed requests should be sent to:

Darke County, Ohio Clerk of Courts
Darke County Courthouse, 2nd Floor
504 South Broadway, Suite 10
Greenville, OH 45331
Phone: (937) 547-7335

Where and How to Get Darke County Marriage Records

Marriage documents have been in existence in the state of Ohio since 1907. In each County, the Probate Juvenile court is expected to create and keep this record. Applicants may access the documents by visiting the office of the Darke County Recorder or by applying by email. Interested persons must state the partners’ names, the place, and the date of the union. Requests should be made to:

Darke County Recorder
504 South Broadway
Greenville, OH 45331
Phone: (937) 547-7390
Email: lstachler@co.darke.oh.us

Where and How to Get Darke County Birth Records and Death Records

All birth and death record requests are processed at the Vital Statistics office, a section under the Darke County Health District. In agreement with state law, the department has the right to restrict access due to sensitive information in the document. Access to this record is limited to the record bearer, their relatives (listed on the document), kids, and other parties with a financial and legal affiliation. As part of the eligibility requirements, applications from individuals other than the record holder must be submitted with a valid photo ID.

Written or in-person requests will attract a $23 processing fee. Burial permits are also issued by the same department for $3. Request forms should be submitted to:

Vital Statistics Office
300 Garst Ave,
Greenville, OH 45331
Phone: (937) 548-4196
Email: kristin.clayton@darkecountyhealth.org