Akron Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Crime Statistics

According to data released for 2017, the city recorded a total of 9,737 reported incidents. Larceny-theft was the most common crime, accounting for 5,304 cases or 53.9% of total crime. Burglaries made up 23.4% of total crimes while aggravated assaults accounted for 7.4% of crime reports. Compared to 2016, the crime rate increased by 6%. Property crimes grew 4% while violent crime rose by 18%. With a daily average of 13.51 cries per 100,000 residents, the overall crime rate in Akron was 80% more than the national average.

Criminal Records

A division of the city’s Department of Public Safety, the Akron Police Department oversees law enforcement in the city. It provides online access to offense reports via an online report lookup tool. Members of the public can search for reports using the report number or specific information such as the name on the record, location of the event and report date. The tool can also be used to obtain crash reports.

In addition, public records requests may be submitted by mail to the:

City of Akron Law Department,
Civil Division,
161 South High Street, Suite 202,
Akron, Ohio 44308

How to Find Inmate Information

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office maintains an updated online inmate roster of persons held in the Summit county jail. It provides general information such as the inmate’s number, name, date of birth, race, sex and assigned housing. It also provides an update on their bail status. For inmates held in correctional facilities run by the state, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction provides public access to inmate information via a searchable inmate database.

Location of Jail in Akron

Summit County Jail,
205 East Crosier Street,
Akron, OH

How to Find Sex Offender Information

In compliance with state law, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) maintains an online registry that contains public records of sex offenders. Members of the public can conduct searches using a registrant’s full name. Searches can also be conducted by county, city or zip code. In addition, searches can be filtered to reveal results within a specified address range.

Similarly, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office also maintains an online eSorn registry that provides information on registered sex offenders residing in Akron and other parts of Summit county. Members of the public can conduct searches by name or local address.

Court Records

The city of Akon is home to multiple courts, including a Courts of Common Pleas and Municipal Court. The Courts of Common Pleas presides over most civil and criminal cases. It’s divided into multiple divisions, including general, probate, juvenile, and division. Court records can be obtained by contacting the clerk of court at the courthouse. Interested parties may also be able to obtain case information using the court’s Odyssey portal. It allows for searches by record number or the defendant’s name (last, first and middle). Requesters will need to create an account to use this service.

Records of cases filed at the Akron Municipal Court can be found using the court’s online CaseAccess tool. It provides public access to criminal cases, civil cases, and traffic cases. Users can base their search by name, case number, citation number or license number.

Location of Courts in Akron

The following are some of the courts located in Akron.

Summit County Court of Common Pleas - General Division
205 S High St
Akron, OH 44308
Phone: (330) 643-8368 (Civil)
Fax: (330) 643-7737 (Civil)
Phone: (330) 643-7398 (Criminal)
Fax: (330) 643-7772 (Criminal)

Summit County Court of Common Pleas - Domestic Relations Division
205 S High St
Akron, OH 44308
Phone: (330) 643-2202
Fax: (330) 643-7738

Summit County Court of Common Pleas - Juvenile Division
William P. Kannel Juvenile Justice Center
650 Dan St
Akron, OH 44310
Phone: (330) 643-2900

Summit County Court of Common Pleas - Probate Division
Summit County Courthouse
209 S High St
Akron, OH 44308
Phone: (330) 643-2350
Fax: (330) 643-2393

Akron Municipal Court
Harold K. Stubbs Justice Center
217 S High St
Akron, OH 44308
Phone: (330) 375-2920 (Civil)
Phone: (330) 375-2922 (Small Claims)
Fax: (330) 375-2427 (Civil/Small Claims)
Phone: (330) 375-2570 (Criminal)
Phone: (330) 375-2572 (Traffic)
Fax: (330) 375-2024 (Criminal/Traffic)

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Vital Records

Vital records for Akron, Ohio can be obtained at the county and state levels. In compliance with state laws, birth and death records are considered open records. Anyone able to provide the basic facts of a record may request a copy.

How to Find Divorce Records

Certified copies of divorce decrees granted for a marriage dissolution can be obtained by contacting the Clerk of Court of Common Pleas at the courthouse where the divorce was granted. Records for divorces granted in Akron can be inspected at:

Summit County Court of Common Pleas - Domestic Relations Division

205 S High St
Akron, OH 44308
Phone: (330) 643-2202
Fax: (330) 643-7738

How to Obtain Birth/Death Records

Copies of birth and death records for events in Akron can be obtained in-person at the Summit County Public Health Vital Statistics Office located at:

Fairway Center
Building A
1867 W Market Street
Akron, Ohio 44313
Phone: (330) 812-3845
Fax: (330) 752-7795

The office opens for walk-in requests from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays and from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Walk-in and mail-in applications must be accompanied by a completed application form. Mail applications should be sent to:

SCPH – Vitals,
1867 W Market Street,
Akron, OH 44313

Requests must also be accompanied by the appropriate fee. The office charges $22.00 per copy for birth and death records. Accepted forms of payment include cash, checks, and credit/debit cards.